Indoor Air Quality

Nothing is more important than the air you breath while in your home.  What if we were to tell you the air you and your family breaths while in your home is likely to have 200% to 500% more pollutants than the outdoor air you breathe?  In children, asthma has increased 600% over the past 30 years. According to the American Medical Association, this is in large part due to poor indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality isn’t just a problem in older home, but in newer homes as well. Many of the materials used in building a new home are processed with very hazardous substances. Consumer seek out solutions and find things like stand-alone air cleaners. The problem with units like this is that they only clean the air in one room or small areas. In addition, Consumer Reports have tested these products and found many of the top sellers do not work as they have claimed.

At Black Forest Heating & Cooling, we take the air quality in your home seriously. With duct cleaning being one of the most fraudulent practices out there, we were very careful when selecting our method of duct cleaning. Using the Abatement Technologies (, Hepa-Air, duct cleaning equipment and method, you can have peace of mind that you are truly getting your ducts cleaned and sterilized for a healthy, efficient and clean, air distribution system in your home. Ordinary furnace filters are only 7% efficient, leaving 93% of the air you breath in your home unfiltered.  We have indoor air quality solutions available to clean your indoor air up to 98% at .3 microns. 

Stop wondering if the air in your home is safe for you and your family to breath.  Call us and schedule your complimentary consultation today so we can discuss getting the air in your home clean!